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Academia Essay Examples

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Hidden Intellectualism

In his essay “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff argues that intellectualism is not something that can only be archived through proper education like school or college, but with subjects that people consider non academics as sports and cars. The writer considers “street smart” to those people who learn things outside of an academic environment, for example…

Naked Economics

DOCTORAL WRITING TIPS: PLEASE READ-IMPORTANT-HINT, HINT, HINT Please use the tips below and I am almost certain you will get a much better grade, create very polished, doctoral-level papers, and will have a MUCH easier time on your proposal/project/dissertation as these items are REQUIRED. 1. Do not use too many direct quotes — in academia…

Explanatory Synthesis Essay

SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT: Write a well-organized, well-developed explanatory synthesis essay of AT LEAST (3) three pages in which you use three or more sources to convey information about your topic; it does not provide for the writer’s opinion on the topic. Beginning your essay and focusing your purpose and thesis: Your textbook authors note that “in…



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Student money problems affect performance

Student money problems affect performance Many students believe that financial problems are having an adverse effect on their academic performance, a survey of University of Central England undergraduates has shown. The survey, carried out by UCE’s Centre for Research into Quality (CRQ), found that 51.9 per cent of the 1,139 full-time undergraduates polled believed their…

Personal Statement

My name is Chi Chen Hsieh from Taiwan. In my whole life i never be a super-student who is academically ingenious. I’m more proud about what I’ve achieved, and I take pride in my success. When you take a look at the world I come from, maybe you’d be impressed by me, the student who…

The Importance of Art Education

Manifold, M., & Zimmerman, E. (2011). “Everyone Needs an Art Education:” Developing Leadership Through Positive Attitudes Toward Art Methods Courses. Art Education, 64(6), 33-39. This article reports on a study that was conducted to see if positive leadership, when it comes to art education in the K-6 classroom, would lead to positive responses from students…

Assignment. Sustainable Tourism

Marking Criteria 1. Relevance and appropriateness of title & Addressing posed assessment topic/task 2. Sound, logical, clearly developed and well supported argument 3. Clear essay structure (intro, body, conclusion; paragraph structure) & Adherence to good academic writing practice (presentation, grammar, clarity of expression) 4. Depth and breadth of research & Analysis, evaluation and integration of…

Critical Reading and Writing in the Humanities

1. Reflective Essay (Diagnostic) Describe briefly your experiences with writing at the pre-university level. Discuss how any factor or an individual has influenced your approach and/or attitude to writing. Explain your expectations of this course. (300 words) 2. Essay Outline and Annotated Bibliography-20% Annotated Bibliography Compiling a list of annotated references will help you to…

Academic excellence is the only way to success

What is academic excellence about? Is it how many marks we get? Or is it the number of competitions we win? It is much more than that. We often say that getting good marks is what academic excellence is about, but no it is the process of education we go through. From learning ABC in…

Effective adjustment to a new environment

Adjusting to College Welcome to college! Attending college is one of the first major life transitions for many young adults. Some students are excited to take on the new experiences of campus life, while others feel apprehensive about making this change. Regardless of your outlook when beginning your first year of college, you may benefit…

University Art Museum

As far as the article went, there were two directors for the University Museum after the founder passed away. It started as a small, personal collection that happened to be held at the University and only the owner’s friend were invited to view the small collection of art. Once the collection was passed on to…

Importance of Peer Review

A student in a graduate program must conduct research during the course of study. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss how one can determine which references are credible and which are not. Importance of Peer Review As a scholar-practitioner it is of utmost importance to know that information is obtained from a source…

Take a Stand Essay Guideline

Assignment Background: Througahout this course, you will write a 500-750-word, five-paragraph essay in which you “Take a Stand” on an issue; such as Childhood Obesity, Underage Drinking, or Cyber Bullying to name a few suggestions. Doing so will allow you to demonstrate your ability to effectively communicate through writing. You will develop your essay by…

Case Analysis_The University Art Museum

Executive Summary This report was commissioned as a case analysis to examine why the last two directors of the University Art Museum were seemingly at odds with the university and failed in their mission to lead the museum into the future. Further it provides prospective on how to move the museum into the future through…

What is academic honesty and why is it so important

In my understanding academic honesty is trust in a relationship between professors, teachers, students etc. It means to be honest with your fellow classmates, teacher, and pupils in the process of education. To be academically honest means not to cheat, fabricate, or copy someone else’s thoughts and ideas as if they were your own. Today…

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